December 29, 2014

December 26, 2014

Greeting Card

Hi all,

I made this greeting card for my husband.I am hereby posting the procedure for the same. Its a embossed card but easy to make. Please feel free to ask if you have any doubts. Hope you all like it. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL :)

[Left-> Right]
A.Take the materials required.
1. Handmade cards-2
2. OHP sheet - 1/2
3. Sketch
4. Snowman picture
5. Pencil,scissors,double tape,3D liner
6. cotton and fevicol
B. Now take the snow man pic and draw an outline with pencil from the real image
C. Now take the handmade paper and fold into half.
D. To color snow man in the body, just apply blue color in your fore finger and slightly shade it over the paper and color rest of the parts with sketch. And cut along the outline thats drawn already with pencil.
E. Now in the handmade paper draw a rectangle based on the snowman size and cut that part.
F. Now take OHP sheet. Put double tape in the inside part of the handmade paper as shown and stick the OHP sheet.
G. Now stick the snowman in a glitter paper and place it in the OHP sheet inward as shown in the pic.

H. Now take the cut handmade paper and paste it over the glitter paper inward.
I. Now put some double tape and apply fevicol(if necessary) to stick one more handmade paper over it.
J. Now decorate the card with 3D silver liner and 3D silver Glitter.
K. Apply fevicol in the bottom and spread cotton to give a snow effect.

September 17, 2014

Return Gifts

Eagerly waiting for this navarathri season? Usual return gifts are blouse bits,coconuts etc... Why don't we try something different and make this navarathri a grand one? That too within the budget? Example Rs.60-Rs.100. Please see below pics. These are just Rs.60/- each and Rs.100/- a pair... Can be used as Diya holder as well... Bulk orders and retail also done. Inbox for further details.Please visit for more designs.Thanks in advance.

Quilled Earrings

Hi... This message is regarding quilling earrings. Jumkas are Rs.100/- and rest all ranges from Rs.50-Rs.95/-. Depends on the pattern :)

Thanks for showing interest. BTW, Jhumkas range from Rs.100/-. All these are handmade and it is all my individual effort in designing each and everything here.  I will send few snaps of Jhumkas. Even more big can be done. Customisation of colors are also possible.

Regarding order confirmation, If you are further interested in buying earrings, I will tell you the exact amount which will include packing and shipping charges and you need to transfer it to my account. On receipt of the same, I will ship and you will get within 3 to 5 business days. Thanks much in advance.

August 18, 2014

KumKum Box

Here goes a new set of kumkum box for this navarathri. Each box costs Rs.25/- (includes kumkumam and chandanam box)